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17 Apr 2023

HICA Care Homes Celebrate the 1940s

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The nostalgia of the 1940s has taken over the HICA Group as staff and residents dress up, eat traditional food and enjoy music from the era. The themed parties have been a great success, with many residents reliving memories of times gone by.


As part of the celebrations, staff at the care homes have encouraged residents to reminisce about their own experiences from the 1940s. Many have shared stories about rationing, air raids and life during wartime. The opportunity for them to share their memories has been invaluable, providing an important link to their own past. The care homes have also recreated authentic 1940s menus and served traditional wartime dishes. Staff members and residents have dressed up as land girls and worn vintage clothing. Music has also played an important role in the celebrations, with live performances of popular songs from the era. The music has helped to transport residents back in time, and many have been singing along or tapping their feet to the rhythm.


Residents and staff alike have been delighted with the success of the themed parties, which have brought a sense of community and joy to the care homes. Many have expressed how important it is for the residents to be able to reminisce and share their memories, particularly for those who may live with dementia. The events have had a positive impact on staff too, who have enjoyed being involved in the celebrations and learning more about the history of the 1940s. They have had the opportunity to connect with residents on a deeper level and build bonds with them.


The themed celebration was organised by HICA’s Group Hospitality & Wellbeing Manager Mark Midgley as part of series of different themes set to run throughout the year at HICA. Mark said ‘The celebration of the 1940s has undoubtedly been a huge success, providing a sense of enjoyment, belonging and purpose for both staff and residents. It has shown that by bringing people together, we can create meaningful experiences that enhance our lives, regardless of our age or circumstances.’

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