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05 Jun 2019

Rickshaw Fundraising Event Comes to Buckshaw Retirement Village

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Everybody is invited to the Buckshaw Village Rickshaw Event where we will be launching our rickshaw fundraising campaign.

June 14th 2019 11am Start
The Lodge, Buckshaw Retirement Village
Oakbridge Drive, Buckshaw Village,
Chorley. PR7 7EG

Refreshments will be provided

On the day we will be introducing the rickshaw to the Buckshaw Village community using a specially loaned vehicle, to raise awareness of the benefits for young and old alike.

‘BV Rickshaws’ is a collaborative partnership between ‘The Lodge’ & ‘The Grange’ at Buckshaw retirement village and Buckshaw Village Community Church. The partnership aims to raise funds for three Rickshaws which will:

• Strengthen and build community through connecting the church community, the retirement village community and other local groups, businesses and individuals.
• Reduce social exclusion, isolation and loneliness across the community by involving people as volunteer cyclists or as rider supporting someone else to enjoy a ride.
• Give older people the opportunity to feel the joys of cycling- the wind in their hair, the fresh air on their faces and in their lungs, the freedom of being out and about.
• Increase social participation for all across the community through providing the elderly with the opportunity to remain an active part of society and their local community.
• Build bridges between generations, connections between young and old that support and reinforce mutual trust and respect.

You can help show your support and be a part of this venture by attending
the launch contributing to making it an amazing event. You can also support
the event by raising awareness – help spread the news about this campaign
through word of mouth by telling others who you think might be interested or
able to help. You can also help by sponsoring or part sponsoring a rickshaw or
donating an affordable cash amount

Lodge Manager Julie Stringfellow said, “The idea with the rickshaws is not
to go a long route but to take in the moment at an easy pace — to notice the
surroundings such as nature and activities and perhaps even stop and get an
ice-cream. It’s an outdoor experience. But it’s also more than that. This is about
the mental, emotional, and social stimulation a person receives.”
To find out more, come along to our event and speak directly to the people

Call 01772 625 000 for more information.

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