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22 May 2024

The Lodge introduces emotional support chickens

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The Lodge has welcomed a flock of chickens to its home as part of its innovative, person-centred approach to care.
The exciting initiative aims to enrich the lives of residents at Buckshaw Retirement Village in Chorley by bringing a touch of nature and nostalgia into their daily routines.

The chickens have been donated by a local primary school teacher, Mrs Claire Harrison, who was involved in a recent chicken hatching programme at her school, St. Paul’s C of E Primary School in Walkden.

The coop has been donated by Jo Bamford, Team Manager. The arrival of the chickens is highly anticipated especially for those residents who have background in farming.

The emotional support chickens are set to bring numerous benefits to residents from fostering a sense of community to helping to reduce stress and anxiety by providing therapeutic interaction with nature. The chickens will also provide companionship and stimulate mental engagement and physical activity, contributing to overall wellbeing.
Hayley Rowson de Vares, the manager at Buckshaw Retirement Village, said: Claire’s generosity has created a wonderful opportunity for our village.

“The chickens will be placed centrally in our garden, becoming a vibrant hub of activity once the chicks are mature enough and the weather is suitable for their outdoor living.

“Caring and spending time with the chickens will be a beautiful reminder of the past for many who recall their own families keeping chickens.

“This project is not just about adding life to our garden but also about reconnecting our residents with their heritage and providing them with emotional support through the joy and serenity that comes with caring for animals.
“One of our care workers is leading a lovely chicken naming project and organising a coop opening party, inviting everyone, residents, their relatives and staff, to embrace the theme by dressing as ‘funky chickens’.

“This event promises to be a memorable celebration, marking the beginning of a new chapter in our community’s life.”



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